Aileron_project (WIP)

this is a project aiming to create a early 2000s style "dogfight" game.


L-stick (movement inv.) 

R-stick (crosshair movement) 

Triggers (Boost)

Bumpers (turn left/right)

a.04  (Current version) :

fixed afterburner particles (actually looks like afterburner)

fixed water splash particles (more accurate)

added compass

added game over

added new graphics (warning, game over and overlay)

fixed skybox and fog FX

added controller support (keyboard support will be temporarily removed)

a.03  :

added  heat wave and water splash FX

added level barrier,

fixed cloud layers,

fixed performance issues,

a0.2  : 

added clouds, 

tweaked postprocessing profiles, 

added color accumulation motion blur,

temporarily removed braking function,

moved cloud texture layers closer together,

swapped logo,

performance is worse now (because of the amount of particles)


added smooth controls, (you can't overshoot while controlling, it will self center or smooth lock to desired angle, this is designed with keyboard control in mind for ease of use)

added skybox,

added water,

added cloud layers,

added pitch ladder,

added FX (postprocessing/particles)

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